Bringing Jesus to PP

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Protest The Pill Day ’08
The Pill Kills Babies

We educated, we informed and we witnessed the truth. Thank you to all who participated in this day – whether you were outside of facilities that distribute the pill or simply kept all mothers and preborn babies in your prayers. We made history!

Press Conference.JPGWe had a successful press conference on June 6 at the National Press Club in Washington D.C. To view video clips from the press conference click here.

American Life League joined some local protesters in Washington, D.C. outside of a Planned Parenthood clinic and we were provided with many educational opportunities. The opposition was so angry about us getting the truth out about the pill that they were counter-protesting on June 7. We spoke to people from the opposition as well as reporters. People passed by and saw our signs – they too were educated about the fact that the pill can in fact kill preborn babies.


And finally, we'd like to thank God for this successful project. May His will be done as our country continues to be educated on the deadly effects of the birth control pill and we work for the closing of all Planned Parenthood facilities.

Below are some of your stories from the first Protest the Pill Day!

From Denver, Colorado
Colorado - Leslie Hanks.JPG

Leslie Hanks, Vice President of Colorado Right to Life holds a sign of her own making in front of the Planned Parenthood in Denver, Colorado.

From Napa, California

Pill Kills Day began Saturday, June 7, in front of the Napa, California, Planned Parenthood office at 11 AM. About two dozen prayerful witnesses testified to the facts of death about the pill. For one hour the prayers were offered for the many uninformed patrons who come asking the staff of Planned Parenthood to provide chemicals, hormones, and sex-education as an answer to their problems with the natural consequences of abuse of sex. Attractive literature detailed the devastating effects of the pill, the shot, and the IUD on women who will be chemically altered mothers even though they don't "Plan" to be and don't even know it. They will be mothers of dead babies. The hormones, chemicals and sharp I.U. devises will starve and kill in the secret warmth of their sterilized wombs. Several attention-demanding, chartreuse signs created by American Life League simply proclaimed: "The Pill Kills," as the praying continued for the designated hour of Pill Kills Day for Napa.

California2.JPG California3.JPG

Pro-lifers protested outside the Planned Parenthood office in Napa, California on June 7.